Finishing touches....

Some quick suggestions on making your page work better ... by design. (Please read the "Caution!" note below should you not have time for reading anything else.) You might also check out the headers that are available for your pages, similar to those in Chapter 1. They can be found here .

If you have suggestions of your own, please do add them! Also, if you've used any cool tools to create your chapters, can you add them to the Tech Tools page? Mahalo!

Page Layout

  • Make sections and subsections to keep content organized
  • The use of the "Table" button can help organize photo content
  • Color can help direct the eye
  • Consistency of approach makes everything more easily comprehended ... and appealing to the eye
  • Wikispaces' Visual Editor allows you to use horizontal rules fairly easily -- they help break up a page
  • Learn to use the WikiText Editor: you'll need it to put in references or to do advanced layout (plus you can open up someone else's page to see what they did -- and copy the code to get the same effect)
  • Don't be afraid to try things out -- you can always revert to any earlier saved page


  • Resizing photos so that you can use them at 100 percent makes the loading of a page much quicker
  • Caution! When uploading a photo or other file content, please check and see if someone already uploaded one with the same name. If you upload yours, you will replace theirs in the files folder—and also on their page.

Structuring Content

  • Breaking your chapter up into sub-pages isn't necessary, but if your chapter is running long, it can help with editing and directing traffic to what people want to look at.
  • This is a wiki—try linking to information on other teams' pages (once they are more complete.)
  • If you need help in making the navigation bar mirror your chapter's sections, let me know. Otherwise, take a look at it and see what you can do!
  • Some of you are writing your content in the first person. I (Steve) am not the final arbiter on style (especially when I break the style while writing this note), but you might consider the Wikipedia model where the writer's self remains anonymous on the content page. Keeping the content forward and the contributors in the background, to my mind, leads to a wiki that others can contribute to, and most importantly, feel like they can change over time. We can still tell who has contributed to the content by checking the "history" pages.[2]

  1. ^ One solution has been to add the uploading person's initials behind the upload. For example, "max_headroom_sw.jpg"
  2. ^ On the other hand, for a classroom wiki, when working with younger students, or for wikis that only exist for the length of a school year, it would be very useful to have "signed" content.