Sparks of Creativity

Welcome to the companion wiki to both CEP818: Creativity in Teaching & Learning, and Robert and Michéle Root-Bernstein's book Sparks of Genius: The 13 Thinking Tools of the World's Most Creative People.

Our Multimedia Book on Trans-discipline Creativity

Sparks of Creativity is a multimedia book-project developed by Michigan State University graduate students in educational technology, as part of the MSU course CEP818: Creativity in Teaching & Learning. Instructors for the course in the Fall of 2010 were Punya Mishra and Kristen Kereluik .

The Sparks wiki comprises eight chapters, each formed from two chapters in the Root-Bernstein book and each covering a creative thinking tool or tools. Included with every chapter are quotes from the book, examples which highlight, exemplify, or illuminate the ideas in the relevant chapters, a selection of exercises meant to build skills in those tools, followed by a conclusion.

As this is a working wiki, the contents, structure, and even the form of the site will change over time as enhancements are made.